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This page will provide you access to the last 6mths of upgrade notifications for RMS9, RMSOnline and RMS 8.  To view any of the notifications simply click the link provided below.





How to search for a list of changes between upgrade versions

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RMS9 Upgrade Notifications

Upgrade Notification 5th March 2012

CLICK HERE - to view the notification sent.

RMSOnline Upgrade Notifications


An upgrade of the RMSOnline is scheduled for Monday 6 August 2012 to all Self Hosted RMSOnline customers.

FROM: 5.46 TO: 5.49

RMS 8 Upgrade Notifications

Upgrade Notification 13th June 2012

An upgrade of RMS Cloud is scheduled for Wednesday 13th June 2012.  To read all about the changes in this version please go to the release notes page (as per the short movie above) and enter the RMS 8 Version numbers;

FROM: 8.11.841 TO: 8.11.857

CLICK HERE - to view the notification sent.

Self Hosted SQL Upgrade Notifications

Upgrade Notification 26 June 2012

CLICK HERE - to view notification sent.



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