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Restore to Training


This article will take you through the steps on how to restore your RMS9 Live system to your RMS9 Training system.

What is the Training System used for?

The RMS Training system allows you to use a copy of your live data to Teach, Train and Learn about RMS features without causing any changes to your Live system.


A Restore to Training can be performed by you at any time.

Short Video Instructions

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First Step - Activating the Restore to Training

From any screen in RMS9

Select Utilities from the Naviation bar

Select Restore to Training from the list

Second Step - Initialize the Restore to Training

Once you have selected 'Restore to Training' you will see the below message.

Select Yes to continue

Or No to exit this process.

If you select Yes the system will start to perform the restore.

Once completed you will see the below message.

Select OK to continue.

NOTE: While the process is run you cannot use RMS9 on the computer you have initialized the process.  Other computers may still work in RMS at this time.

Third Step - Accessing your Training system

To access your Training system Sign Out of RMS9.

This will take you back to the login screen.

Enter your RMS Client No., Username and Password as normal.

Select 'Login to Training'.

You are now logged into your RMS9 Training system.

To indicate you are in your Training system and not your Live, you will note that your property name shown at the top of the screen will appear in red and have the words 'RMS Training System' shown before it.


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