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Resetting the RMS License Accumulation

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This document will guide you through the reset of the RMS licensing system.

It will not be effective if you need to run RMS on more computers than you are licensed for.

You will need to obtain a reset password from RMS support before you can follow these steps.


On any computer that has RMS installed - exit RMS so that you can see the Desktop

Locate the RMS for Windows Icon on the desktop and left click it ONCE to highlight it.

HOLD down the SHIFT key on the left hand side of the keyboard while at the same time double clicking the RMS for Windows ICON.

You should now see a grey Debug form (you may now release the Shift Key)

Click the button called Reset Workstations - you will see a message asking if you are sure.  Click YES

You will now be asked for a password. Enter the password provided by RMS Support here and choose OK

You will see a box stating done; Click OK and now exit the debug from with the cross in the top right.

RMS will now begin accumulating your licenses again on each PC as you use them.

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