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Purging RMS


There are several things that indicate that it is time to do a purge.  If you answer 'Yes' to all of the question below, it is time to complete a purge.

  1. Is your system telling you that it is time to do a purge?
  2. Have you noticed that RMS has started running significantly slower over the past 6 months?
  3. Do you understand what you will lose when completing a purge?
  4. Have you read and understood the procedures for completing a purge below?

NOTE: You will be required to contact the RMS Support team during advertised business hours to obtain the password to complete the purge.

Trust Properties Notification

If you are using the RMS Trust Accounting module, please contact support prior to running a purge.

Checking and Setting the Purge Warning Date

The purge warning date is set in RMS in the General Information and is based on a number of months that you wish to keep your reservation data.

To check or change this setting in RMS9

Select Setup from the top navigation bar

Select Property Options from the list

Select General Information from the sublist

It is normal to keep anywhere between 13 and 25 months of data at all times, however it would be advisable to keep at least 36 (if not more) of client records.

Reservation Data

The number of months to keep cancelled and departed reservations which have a zero account balance.

Long Term Transactions

The number of months to keep transactional details on a long-term account before showing a brought forward balance.  This figure is usually set between 6 and 13 months.

Client Records

The number of months to keep historical client records, such as names and addresses, provided that they have not had a reservation within this time.  Normally set between 36 and 60 months.

Boomgate History

The number of months to keep historical records of pin number usage (only applicable to those properties who have the Boomgate Interface and who are using pin numbers).

Checking the size of your database

The operation of your database can be affected by the standard of your hardware and the amount of data stored.  SQL is a very efficient database, able to store large quantities of data without any system degradation and purging is not usually required as often.  Your IT technician will be able to advise you on the appropriate size of your database.

RMS provides flexible parameters which allow each customer to decide how much data it is appropriate to keep.  You may set the number of months to keep data, with 13 months being regarded as the minimum.  There is no set maximum number of months as storage capacity is increasingly unlimited.

Purge Rules

The purge procedure follows a complex set of rules to ensure that no critical information is deleted.

The purge will only delete reservations provided that they are beyond the number of months set to keep reservations and only if they are departed or cancelled and have a zero balance with no bonds/refundable items still left to be refunded.

The purge will only remove transactions off a long-term account provided that they are beyond the months to keep long-term transactions.  The system will create a Brought Forward Balance as at that date.  Any Bonds/Refundable items will not be purged until they are fully refunded.

The purge will remove all Boomgate pin number access logs after the number of months specified by the number of months to keep Boomgate History.  This is done regardless of each reservations status (i.e. cancelled, arrived, departed etc.)

The purge will delete all client history, names and addresses, provided that this name has not been used against any booking for the number of months specified by the months to keep client records.

The purge will remove all cash account transactions up to the month BEFORE the date specified by the Month system update to date, located in the general information screen.

Purging Procedures

These procedures are extremely important and must be fully completed regardless of the outcome of the purge itself.  If you do not fully complete these procedures you will run the risk of damaging your database beyond repair.

These procedures are clearly shown on the purge screen located in the utilities menu as shown below.

First Step - Monthly Updates

From the reports menu in RMS8, click on Update Monthly Figures - the explanation for this procedure is described on this screen.

Second Step - Debtors Ledger

From the Main Menu of RMS8, click on reports then accounting.

Select Debtors Ledger

Build and print this report in FULL

Third Step - Backup

Do your usual daily backup on a NEW disk/s and label prior to purge with today's date.  This backup must be kept forever and stored separately from your normal daily backups.  If you are using the iBackup module please ensure that you shut this function down prior to your purge.

Fourth Step - Exit out of RMS

If you use RMS on more than one computer make sure that all terminals are turned OFF and only the computer that you are doing the purge on is using the system.

Fifth Step - Run the Purge

Press the purge button on the bottom of the purge screen in the Utilities Menu.

BEWARE - The purge can take anywhere from 15min to 6hrs.  It is impossible to predict how long it will take.  It is advisable to complete the purge on the same calendar day.

IMPORTANT - If you receive any unusual errors or messages throughout the purge, simply write down the message and continue (click ok).  Even if the purge appears to STOP you must complete the full procedure to follow.

It is normal for the purge to simply drop back to the Utilities menu when complete.  There is NO message saying that the purge has been completed.

Sixth Step - Final Debtors Ledger

Load RMS again and run the same debtors ledger as done in Step Two (2) above.  The two debtors ledgers should have identical balances at the end.  If not, follow these steps;

  • If the difference is less than 1000.00 compare every entry from the before and after debtors ledgers to identify the offending accounts - they should all be the same.  On those that are different, identify what the difference is and make an adjustment on the account if necessary.
  • If the difference is greater than 1000.00 please contact RMS ASAP, as you will need to restore the backup.

If both debtors ledgers balance, the purge is complete and has been successful.

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