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Night Audit Procedure


The reports usually used during night audit, or close of day procedures have been grouped in the Night Audit Reports menu and you may decide which to use at your property.  

Included here is the Open New Day routine which advances the accounting date. It is used when you wish to advance the date manually rather than allow it to happen automatically at midnight.

Properties using this feature will need to perform this action daily. It is no longer necessary to obtain a daily password from RMS to roll system dates in the past however it is not possible to roll into the future more than one day in advance.

**It is important during this process that no users are posting charges or receipts to the RMS system, if this does occur it will result in your reporting not balancing.

Check for Arrivals and Departures not dealt with

RMS 8 > Upper Toolbar In/Out Screen;

It is important to ensure that all reservations for the day are dealt with.  If this step is not completed the below message will appear when you attempt to open a new day.

  • Reservations with a departure date of today must either be Departed or Extended
  • Reservations with an arrival date of today must either be Arrived or set to No Show


In House Report

RMS 8 > Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > In House;

This report will provide you with a list of all guests currently In House (Arrived).  This report is typically used for After Hours Operation and Security – this report is often taken to the manager’s onsite residence when they lock the office for the night so that they have a quick reference guide as to which guest is where on the property. Alternately if your property employs the services of an After Hours security company they would provide them with this report.

Cash Transactions Report

RMS 8 > Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Cash Transactions;

This report should be used to balance your till takings on a daily basis. The intention is that the user checks each receipt entry on this report against the cash and cheques in the till as well as the batch summary from their EFTPOS terminal.

Open New Day

This step will close off the current day and roll the accounting date for you.

When you choose open new day the below screen will appear.  Click once on Open New Day.


You will be asked the below question; Click once on Yes.


When the system has completed rolling the date the below message will appear; Click OK.


Quit RMS

In order for RMS to correctly update your new Accounting date you will need to quit RMS on all computers and log back in.

Now that the New Day has been opened your staff may now start processing further receipts and charges.  These will all be dated with the new accounting date.

Night Audit Report

RMS 8 > Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Night Audit > Night Audit Report

The below message will appear, this message is to warn you that the report may take up to 30mins to complete; Click once on OK.


On the below screen select the correct date at the top and tick the following options;

  1. Show Charge Analysis
  2. Show Cash Analysis
  3. Show Statistics Analysis

If you are a multi property system ensure that you have the correct property selected on the right, then click once on Build.


Update Nightly Tariffs

This utility updates the nightly tariffs for all reservations which have a current status of Arrived.

RMS 8 > Utilities (Upper Tool Bar) > Update Nightly Tariffs


Step 1

Preview - this feature will simulate the Update Nightly Tariffs function and will build a report so that you can see what the system will do when the actual Update Nightly Tariffs is ran.

After running the below summary will appear (see below), click OK and you will be presented with a report of all the individual tariff charges that will be processed.


Check through this list and ensure that all reservations have the correct rate and are all accounted for.

Step 2

Run the Update Nightly Tariffs

This feature will run as per Step 1, however the charges will be created onto the reservations accounts.

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