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Installing the RMS Configurator/Updater


This document is used to install the RMS CONFIGURATOR onto one of your RMS computers for the first time. The Configurator must run 24/7 and have constant connection to the internet.

You will need the following from RMS Administration (if you do not have the below please contact Administration on +61 3 8399 9462, option 1).

- Client Number for RMS.

Steps to Install RMS Configurator & Connect to your Existing Database

Below are the steps which we will follow to configure RMS onto your intended Workstation.

1. Downloading of Files required
2. Installation of RMS Configurator
3. Connection to your Database

Explains how to complete a self-paced learning exercise using a feature in the product.

Downloading of Files required

You will need to download the following files from the RMS web page www.rms.com.au.

Go to www.rms.com.au

Log into the Customer Support page, by the Login menu item at the top right of the page (here you will require your Client Number as per page one (1) of this document)

Once logged in go to the Downloads button at the top of the screen

Choose to download and save the following files to your desktop; RMS Configurator/Updater

Installation of RMS Full Version

Double click the file downloaded to your desktop name RMSConfiguratorInstallerv2.28.exe in step one (1) of this document. Do not change any of the installation options, simply click next until prompted to install.

Once installed the Configurator will automatically start and minimize to your system tray. A sample of the icon is below.


Connection to your Database

This step will create a connection from your workstation to your database which resides on your server.

Any issue with the below steps would indicate that the Server was not configured correctly as per the Server Installation documentation.

Double click the RMS Configurator icon to open the main screen.

Select Tools, then Options

You will be presented with the screen below.


Complete the following information on the screen

RMS Connection Options  
User Name: 'sa' same as the configuration on your SQL Server
Password: same as the configuration on your SQL Server
Server: Name of your server computer
Database: If the above is configured correctly you should automatically see the name of your database in this field.
Shared Data Path: UNC style path back to C:\RMSWIN on your server

Once all information has been entered, select OK then Cancel.

If all information is entered correctly the main screen should state the below

RMS Database: Connected
Internet: Connected
Client Number: This will display your properties RMS Client Number.

Minimize back to your system tray if all is correct.


The Configuration of your RMS Configurator is now complete.


RMS Configurator FAQ
This article provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the RMS Configurator. What does the Configurator do? The Configurator performs several functions.  Most importantly it allows RMS to keep itself updated to the most appropriate version.  It then can install new versions with ease. What RMS Components does the Configurator keep updated? As of version 1.20 the Configurator will keep RMS and the iBackup modules updated (more will be added in the future).  Any other module such as PABX, POS or BoomGate Processors should be upgraded manually.  This does not apply to the RMSOnline Client as it upgrades itself. I have multiple workstations.  Where should I install the Configurator? The Configurator only needs to be installed on one PC.  This would usually be your server (if it has internet access) or one workstation that can access the internet and has RMS installed.  You should not install the Configurator on to every computer. I do not have the internet available on any RMS workstation or server.  Do I still need to have it installed? Yes.  The Configurator does not specifically require internet access therefore it would not be able to automatically keep your RMS version updated; however it does need to be running to maintain your RMS licence. I use RMS Cloud.  Am I still required to install the Configurator? No.  RMS Cloud customers do not need to install the Configurator. Do I need to have the Configurator running all the time? It is advisable that you do run the Configurator at all times.  It should not cause any issue whether you have the internet available or not. When will the Configurator download a new RMS Version? RMS Versions are 'pushed out' whenever an upgrade is required or requested.  This should usually be because you have contacted RMS Support and they have identified that you require a new version.  Major releases may also be automatically pushed out by RMS Head Office to all appropriate customers to ensure that your system is kept up-to-date. I have multiple RMS databases on my SQL server.  Can the Configurator keep each of them updated? Yes.  The Configurator has an option that allows it to monitor all RMS databases on your SQL server.  In the Tools > Options menu you will find a tab named Options.  Click on the option named Multi Property Configuration.  You will need to restart the Configurator for this change to take effect. I use Windows Terminal Services.  How should the Configurator be installed? You only need to ensure that the Configurator is installed on the RMS application server.  By default it will automatically run for the user account that it is installed under.  So each users session should not automatically load the Configurator.
RMS Configurator Internet Connection Issues - Information for Technicians
This article can be used when the configurator is having problems communicating with the RMS Servers and is indicated by 'Internet - Disconnected' on the Confgurator screen. RMS Support cannot assist with the configuration of your firewall software or proxy settings..


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