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Installing the RMSOnline Client


Depending on your chosen setup you may or may not have to install the RMSOnline Client.

RMS Cloud
If we are hosting your RMS database then you WILL NOTbe required to install the RMSOnline Client. Once you have completed the setup subjects above your system will be live automatically.

You may proceed directly to the Test Reservation subject, click HERE.

Self Hosted
If you host your own RMS database youWILLbe required to install the RMSOnline Client.

The RMSOnline Client must be installed onto a computer that has 24/7 internet connection. The RMSOnline client should never be shut down.

First Step - Installation

Go to the RMS web page - www.rms.com.au

Login to Customer Service (Login at the top right of the page) using your RMS Client No. and Password

Go to the download button

Locate the download for RMSOnline Client

Click once on download and choose to save the file to your desktop

Once downloaded, locate the file named Online Client vx.xx.msi and double click on it.

Install the file changing no details and clicking Next.

Once installed the online client should automatically start and minimize itself in the system tray. The image for the online client is a blue satellite dish.

Second Step - synchronization

You must now configure and synchronise your online client;

Double click on the icon for RMSOnline Client from your system tray (bottom right corner of your screen)

Choose Tools

Choose Options

Go to the Database Tab

Enter your SQL Login details (username and password)

Select the SQL Server from the drop down list

Select your database name from the drop down list

Click once on Save then Exit.

Now that your online client is configured you must now complete a full property synchronise;

Click once on synchronize

Click once on full property

This process can take up to 5 minutes to run, please be patient. When complete you will see a line in the message screen 'Upload completed'.

You may proceed to the Test Reservation subject, click

Technical Requirements

A permanent internet connection is required for Online Client.  This is required to be in the form of a broadband connection using Cable, ADSL or ISDN.  Standard Dialup connections are NOT supported.

Temporary internet disconnections will prevent the Online Client from operating correctly.

NOTE: Special configuration of your firewall may be required to allow the Online Client to transfer files to our FTP server.

Outbound FTP traffic on ports 21, 80, 20000 - 22000 to the following IP range may be required depending on your Firewall settings.

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