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Installing SQL 2008R2 onto a new Server


It is important to understand that support is limited to the RMS application itself and does not extend to the environment in which it is deployed, if you require assistance with installation from an RMS Customer Support Team Member you will need to pre-book your session by contacting the Training Coordinator on +61 8399 9462, option 5, or by email on [email protected]; charges will apply.

Downloading the File

You will need to download the following file from the RMS Web Page www.rms.com.au.

Open your internet browser

Go to www.rms.com.au

Log into the Customer Support Page, by the login menu at the top right of the screen, then select Customer Support Centre (here you will require your RMS Client Number

Once logged in go to the Downloads button at the top of the screen

Select the download button on SQLExpress 2008R2 R2  (32bit or 64bit depending on your computer), the below screen will appear.


Select 'Download Now', the below message will appear


Select Save File

When the file has completed downloading you will receive the message below, Select Run



Once you have chosen to run the file you will receive an extraction message similar to the below.


We will now walk through the options that are required to be chosen, allow RMS to work correctly with SQL 2008R2.


Select New installation or add features to an existing installation


Check the box for 'I accept the license terms'.  Then select Next >


Ensure that only the following elements are checked on the above screen

  1. Database Engine Services
  2. Management Tools - Basic

Then select Next >


Select the option 'Default Instance'.  Then select Next >.


Ensure that the Startup Type for both elements on the screen are set to Automatic.  Then select Next >.


Select the option 'Mixed Mode'

Enter your SQL Password then again in the Confirm

We suggest you use Emuxxxx* (where xxxx would represent your RMS Client number).  If you choose to use a different password please ensure that this is kept in a safe place that can be referred to if required.

Then select Next >.


Do not check the option on this screen simply select Next >.


Once the above screen appears your installation is complete, select Close.

Configuring your SQL 2008R2

The below steps will need to be completed before you attempt to install RMS or connect to an RMS database.

  1. Go to your Windows start button
  2. Select Programs or All Programs
  3. Select Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 R2
  4. Select Configuration Tools
  5. Select SQL Server Configuration Manager, the below screen will appear


Select SQL Server Network Configuration on the left side of the screen

Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER

To the right of the screen you will now see an entry for TCP/IP, double click this entry


On this edit screen use the drop down arrow in the field named Enabled to select Yes.

Then select apply and the below screen will appear


Select OK on this message then OK on the TCP/IP Properties screen.


You can now close this screen using the cross in the top right corner.

To complete the configuration you must now Reboot your computer.

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