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Connecting to RMS9


Your local technician that supports your hardware will need to perform the following steps. As local information is required the RMS Support Centre cannot assist with the below steps.

Public IP Address

Before the connection to an RMS database can be configured we require the property to have a Dynamic DNS Address from a free provider such as http://www.dyndns.com or http://www.no-ip.com or an existing Static IP Address on their Internet connection.

Forwarding Ports

The SQL port (port 1433 TCP inbound) needs to be forwarded from the properties router to their SQL server.

For security reasons we recommend the property has a modem/router/firewall that is capable of forwarding the SQL server port only for a particular IP address or range of IP addresses. This will prevent their server being accessed by anyone other than the RMS9 servers.

If their equipment is capable of allowing the port forwarding for a particular IP range then you should allow the following range: / 27

 This is a subnet range of IP addresses from through to​ 

If the router can only handle a single IP address, then use


Please Note: If the router does not support this security measure we highly recommend purchasing a new router, as forwarding port 1433 with no restrictions leaves the server extremely vulnerable to outside attacks. If the router is not configured with the above security, the RMS Support Centre will not be able to assist with any SQL issues that arise.

SQL Server

If the property is using a version of SQL Server less than SQLExpress 2008 R2, all instances of SQL must be uninstalled before installing a new version of SQL Server.

SQLExpress is available from our web page www.rms.com.au, log into the customer service area and go to the download page.

Please email the property their Static IP / Dynamic DNS address.

If you have forwarded from another port please notify the property of the port number forwarded to the SQL Server.

RMS 9 Connection Tester

Go to https://www.rmsweb.com.au/rmswebconnectiontest/

Enter the details requested on the screen (all fields are mandatory) and choose Test.

If all settings are correct you will receive the message Success: You are ready to use RMS9.

Watch this short Movie on RMS9 Connection

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