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RMS iBackup Module


IBackup is an additional module to RMS that allows you to automate your RMS backups and securely store one (1) backup per day to our servers.

How to access this Module

To access this module you will need to speak to our sales department.

The RMS Sales department can be contacted on +61 3 8399 9462, then choose option 2 alternatively you can email our sales department on [email protected].

Frequently asked questions regarding iBackup

Do I need any additional equipment to run iBackup?

No additional hardware equipment is required to run iBackup.

We will provide you with a small application to be installed on your existing RMS system and will assist you with this configuration.  This program will run 24 hrs a day on your nominated pc (usually your server).

Do I need to be connected to the internet 24-7?

A permanent internet connection is required for iBackup.  This is required to be in the form of a broadband connection using Cable, ADSL or ISDN.  Standard Dialup connections are NOT supported.

Temporary internet disconnections will prevent the iBackup system from operating correctly.

NOTE: Special configuration of your firewall may be required to allow the internet backup system to transfer files to our FTP server.

Outbound FTP traffic on ports 21, 80, 20000 - 22000 to the following IP range may be required depending on your Firewall settings.

Is it a time consuming task to run iBackup?

No.  The iBackup system is fully automated and does not usually require user intervention.  The speed that the iBackup is able to transfer your backup to our servers is dependant on both the speed of your connection and the size of the RMS database being backed up.

How do I know when a backup has failed?

If the iBackup system is unable to transfer files to our server you will notice a slide up message box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  Contact RMS immediately if the 'Backup failed' message appears at any time.  Backups will be transmitted daily at the nominated time.  If a backup has failed to take place as scheduled, you will be alerted by a pop up message on your screen.

A daily check of the backup log, located in your system tray is strongly recommented as a second line of assurance that backups are being sent and successfully received by RMS.  Please contact RMS as soon as you notice any backup failure as it is important that a successful backup rountine be maintained.

If the iBackup fails for an extended period of time our support staff will be alerted and will endeavour to contact you to resolve the problem.

How often can I perform my backups?

The internet backup system is capable of performing up to four (4) local hard disk backups per day and one (1) internet backup.

How do i retrieve my backups?

RMS provides a secure link that can be accessed using your web browser or FTP software that will allow you to access your latest backup files from any remote location.


This article will take you through the steps to configuring your offsite iBackup module.  Before iBackup can be configured you must first complete and return the registration form - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE IBACKUP REGISTRATION FORM
Kiosk Interface
This utility links RMS to a Check In Kiosk system. To use this module the following five (5) steps must be completed. If you would like information about this module, CLICK HERE to contact our sales team.


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