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RMS Mobile Tenant Login


Our RMS Mobile Tenant Login, allows Tenants to view their own arrived reservation account and email statements!


RMS Mobile is a cut down version of RMS9 designed specifically for mobile devices including iPads, Android Tablets and Smart-Phones.

RMS Mobile has be designed to allow for different logins including;

- Property

- Owner (owner/trust accounting)

- Housekeeper

- Tenant


Below is a table which outlines the functions available to both iPad/ Tablet View and Smart-Phone View.

Tablet View vs Phone View

Function iPad/ Tablet View Smart-Phone View
See their current Reservation Account greentick.gif redcross.gif (Coming Soon)
Print Statements (Coming Soon) greentick.gif redcross.gif(Coming Soon)
Email Statements (Coming Soon) greentick.gif redcross.gif(Coming Soon)

When to use this feature?

Allow your tenants to login and view/email their account statements!

How to give your Tenants Access

In RMS9 edit the tenant's guest record

Ensure the tenant has a unique email address

Enter an Online Password into the field provided


Note: If you cannot see the field named Online Password in the guest details screen CLICK HERE to be taken to our Field Maintenance article that will show you how to make this field available.


Once the above is completed advise the tenant of the three (3) details below to login;

Client No: (your RMS Client Number)

Username: Their unique email address on their guest record

Password: Their online password on their guest record

How to Login

On an iPad, Android Tablet or Smart-Phone simply open your browser and enter the address https://rmsweb.com.au, you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate view depending on the device you are using.


Like logging into RMS9 use your RMS Client No, Username and Password to login.

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