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RMS Mobile Property Login


RMS Mobile is a cut down version of RMS9 designed specifically for mobile devices including iPads, Android Tablets and Smart-Phones.

RMS Mobile has be designed to allow for different logins including;

- Property

- Owner (owner/trust accounting)

- Housekeeper

- Tenant


Our RMS Mobile Property Login is not the full RMS9 system but is elements of RMS9 specifically designed to work on iPads, Android Tablets and Smart-Phones, to assist you when your out and about in your property.


Below is a table which outlines the functions available to both iPad/ Tablet View and Smart-Phone View.

Tablet View vs Phone View

Function iPad/ Tablet View Smart-Phone View
Add Reservation greentick.gif redcross.gif

Edit Reservation

greentick.gif redcross.gif
Booking Chart View & Edit Only greentick.gif redcross.gif
Reservation Search greentick.gif greentick.gif
Check In greentick.gif greentick.gif
Check Out greentick.gif greentick.gif

In House Guest Search

greentick.gif greentick.gif
Snapshot greentick.gif greentick.gif
Housekeeping > Clean Screen greentick.gif greentick.gif
Housekeeping > Housekeeper Roster greentick.gif redcross.gif

Utilities > Meter Reads

greentick.gif greentick.gif
Log Out greentick.gif greentick.gif

When to use this feature?

Use this feature when;

- Conducting Check Ins away from the office

- Reading Meters (process the charges as you walk your property)

- Allocating Tasks to Housekeepers for the following day from the comfort of your lounge!

How to Login

On an iPad, Android Tablet or Smart-Phone simply open your browser and enter the address rmsweb.com.au, you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate view depending on the device you are using.


Like logging into RMS9 use your RMS Client No, Username and Password to login.

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