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Uploading Images to RMS Cloud


These steps will assist on how to upload images to your RMS Cloud shared datapath.  Images to be uploaded must be either a JPG or GIF file type.

Logos to insert onto Receipts, Statements and Tax invoices should be no larger than 140 x 140 pixels in size.

Images to be used in form letters must be no larger than 250kb in size.

First Step

On your C drive create a folder named RMSCloud, within this folder create another named Pictures.

Second Step

Copy all images you wish to upload into the Pictures folder from step one.

Third Step

Open your 2X client by double clicking the icon in your system tray.

Fourth Step

Go to the Tools folder on the left of the screen.

Fifth Step

Double click on the icon named 'Upload Pictures'


Sixth Step

When the below screen appears, press any key to begin copying JPG files


Seventh Step

Once the below appears press any key to begin copying GIF files


Eigth Step

When the copy is complete press any key to exit the screen.


You will now be able to use these files to insert images into form letters or attach to areas under the attributes tab when an area is edited in the setup system.

The file path should be similar to the below, certain details may vary which have been highlighted in bold.



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