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RMS Cloud Windows Printer Settings


This article will take you through the settings you will require to print from RMS Cloud.


This feature will configure RMS Cloud to print to your local default printer settings.

Local Default Printer

You must ensure that the printer you wish to print to is configured and set as your default printer on your local computer.

The printer settings can be found in the control panel under Devices and Printers (this can vary depending on your operating system)

2X Printer Settings

Open your 2X Client screen as shown below

Click the button named 'Options' at the top of the screen

On the '2X Universal Printing' tab, under the heading 'Printer Devices' ensure that Redirect printers is set to 'Default only'.  If not select this option using the drop down arrow then choose OK.

Optional: You may instead wish to select 'Specific Only' and then tick only the printers that you wish to see when using RMS Cloud.

Default Printer Tab

On the 'Default Printer' tab tick the 'Set the following printer as default' option and then select '<defaultlocalprinter>' from the drop down box.

Tick the 'Match exact printer name' tick box.

Click on the 'OK' button.

You can now open RMS Cloud and begin printing.



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