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RMS Cloud Setup Instructions for your iPad

First Step

Download the 2X App from the Apple App Store


Second Step

Once installed open the App and you will see the following

Add new.PNG

Third Step

Select New 2X Connection. 

Be sure to enter in the correct address for your region.  Also ensure to place the '@rmscentral' after the username.  See below for the region table.


Region Table

Region Primary Connection Secondary Connection
Australasia cloudmobile.rms.com.au cloudsecau.rms.com.au
UK cloudmobile.rms.com.au cloudsecuk.rms.com.au
USA cloudmobile.rms.com.au cloudsecus.rms.com.au
India cloudmobile.rms.com.au cloudsecin.rms.com.au
UAE cloudmobile.rms.com.au cloudsecuae.rms.com.au

Fourth Step

 You can now access RMS Cloud via the connection shown below



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