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How to run Ping Tests


This tutorial will provide you with the tools you require to successfully run Ping Tests on your computer when your RMS Cloud looses connection.  By running these tests you will be able to quickly determine where the problem is and action accordingly.

Table of Tests

The below table includes four (4) links to ready made ping tests.


Time Outs Ping Test Issue Diagnostic Who to Contact
Ping Cloud Issue with connecting to Cloud Contact your RMS PSP

Ping USA

Issue with overseas internet connections Contact your local Tech or ISP

Ping Google

Issue with all internet connections Contact your local Tech or ISP

Ping Router - see below for details

Issue with local network Contact your local Tech

How to download the Tests

By clicking on each of the above tests you will be able to save this test to your computer to run.

To run your Ping Router test, after downloading you must insert the IP of your default gateway.

Once downloaded, right click once on the PingRouter icon

Left click once on Properties

Where you see Target, replace the words [Insert Ip Here], with your IP.



How to find the IP of your default gateway

Select your Windows Start Button

In your search window type cmd

When the below screen appears type ipconfig, then hit enter


Information similar to the below will appear, scroll back up until you find your default gateway number as shown below.


Once you have recorded this number you can close the screen using the cross in the top right hand corner.

Customers outside of Australia

After downloading the ping tests above you will need to make changes to the Ping Google test to be that of a website in your region, to change this follow the same instructions set above for Ping Router.



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