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The dashboard is the opening screen when you log into to RMS 9+. The dashboard is made up of your selected widgets which display live and dynamic information about the performance of your business.

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The first time you login the dashboard will be in the default view. This shows a sample cross section of the available widgets. The default view cannot be edited and remains the fall back screen in the event that all other dashboards are deleted. To create a customisable dashboard follow the steps below.


Dash 1.jpg


  • In the dashboard screen click on the options button and choose “Copy Dashboard”
  • Select which dashboard you are copying (the first time you do this the default dashboard will be the only option).
  • Enter a name for the new dashboard in the “New Dashboard Name” field
  • Go back to the options button and choose “Edit Dashboard”
  • The “Make this your default dashboard” check box will appear. Check the box to make this your default dashboard
  • To delete a widget click on the trash can icon in the top right hand corner of the widget
  • To add a new widget click on the “add a widget button”
  • When the Widget Wizard screen appears hover over a widget type and the “Add a widget button will appear
  • Click on “Add a Widget”
  • Make the necessary selections to customise your widget
  • Drag the widgets around the screen to your preferred locations with your mouse pointer while holding down the right mouse button
  • Resize them by dragging the edges of the widget while holding down the right mouse button


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