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PABX Call Notification to RMS9


This article describes how a PABX can notify RMS9 of an incoming call which triggers RMS9 to do a guest lookup based on the incoming caller id.

Step 1. Configuring RMS

Go to Setup
Select Property Options
Select General Information
Enable the option named "Use PABX Phone No for Reservation Retrieval"
Select Save/Exit
Once enabled, log out of RMS9 then log back in.
A red phone will appear in the top toolbar.
Clicking it will show a list extensions for phone calls logged in the past 2 minutes. (if only 1 extension has been used RMS9 will not show a list and instead use the last number logged for the search)

Step 2. Configuring the PABX

The PABX must be able to send a http post to an RMS hosted website with the following parameters when an incoming phone call is received.
rmsclientid = RMS Client No
clientpassword = RMS Client Password supplied by RMS Support.
rmspropertyid = If running an RMS Multi Prop environment, the Property Id where the call is answered. For single property databases this is always 1
extension = the PABX extension or unique identifier so the user can select which phone they answered
numbercallingfrom = the outside callers number that RMS will search the database for a guest match.
The below link is access to a PDF which can be used as a guide only and could be adapted to suit many Asterisk based VOIP telephony solutions.
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