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Restricting RMS9 to Specific IP Addresses

Your RMS9 database access can be locked down to only allow access via specific IP Addresses if you wish to do so.


By restricting access to RMS9 in this way it will mean that;

- You will need to ensure that the IP Addresses you supply to us are Static

- If your IP Address changes (for whatever reason) you will need to update RMS of the new information before access will again be granted to your RMS9 system

- No person (regardless of user in RMS) outside the specific IP Address will be able to log into your RMS9 system.

Steps to Restrict

To achieve this restriction simply follow the below steps;

Obtain IP Addresses

Contact your IT person and obtain a list of all of the Static IP Addresses you wish to be able to access your RMS9 system.

Log a Service Request

Log a Service Request for our Support Team, outlining that you wish to Restrict Access to your RMS9 system listing the IP Addresses to restrict to.


A Service Request can be logged from within your RMS9 system by selecting Help > Log a Service Request (as shown below).

RMS Implements Restrictions

Our Support Team will have our Technical Services team implement the restrictions requested and will confirm with you once the restrictions are in place.

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