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Client with Mulitple Reservations


Having an issue where you change the name of one reservation and another changes also?

This article will explain how the relationship between Client/Guests and Reservations work within your RMS system.


After completing this how-to you will have knowledge in the relationship of clients/guests and reservations.

Client Records

Every client/guests added into your RMS system receives a unique Client/Guest No. regardless of whether it is completed via the reservation screen or the add client screen.

This Client/Guest No. identifies one guest record only, however can be linked to many Reservations


Client/Reservation Linking

During the process of making a reservation in RMS you will need to allocate Client/Guest details, at this point it is important that you use the provided 'Smart Search Fields' (this are signified by a > icon to their right).

Information entered into these fields will be automatically searched within your RMS system to find any matches that may exist.

If a matches do exist they will be displayed to the right of the screen for your selection.



Looking at a reservation screen you will note that it will have a Client/Guest No. and a Res No. assigned to it, therefore many different reservation numbers can be linked to the same Client/Guest No. by using the 'Smart Search Fields' to find that client/guest record from their previous stay.


If you have one client/guest record linked to many reservations, this would mean that if you make a change to the guest records one any one of the reservations (for example you change the surname, or address) this change will be reflected across all of the reservations as they are all linked to the same client/guest record.

Why use the same Client Record?

By using the same client/guest record each time they stay with you this will allow RMS to build a history against that person.


RMS will show client/guest statistics within the record including the below;



You will also note that under the client/guest record there is a tab named 'History'.  This tab records a link of every reservation that this client/guest is linked to.

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