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RMS9 Speed Checklist


Our RMS 9 Speed Checklist is designed to assist you in pin pointing and resolving any speed issues that you may be experiencing with the RMS 9 application.

Check List

Internet Service Providers

Your enjoyment of RMS 9 / RMS cloud will in large part depend on your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Like all things you usually get what you pay for. Whilst the cheaper plans of some of the lesser known ISP's may be appealing it could end up being a false economy. Slow or poor quality connections will reduce the response times and may result in unexpected down times.


To date we have not experienced any problems with the following ISPs.

Australia/New Zealand


Select your Provider Provider Web Address
  Telstra Internet Direct www.telstra.com.au/internetdirect
  Bigpond www.bigpond.com
  Internode www.internode.on.net
  iiNet www.iinet.net.au



Select your Provider Provider Web Address
  Du www.du.ae
  Estisalat www.etisalat.ae/en/index.jsp



Select your Provider Provider Web Address
  Airtel www.airtel.in/business
  MTNL www.mtnl.net.in
  Hathway www.hathway.com/broadband/broadbandforbusiness
  Tikona www.tikona.in/for-office
  • Ideally you will need a:
    Download speed of 1.5 Megabits per second or more, and an
    Upload speed of .25 Megabits or more


  Yes No
Q: Is the computer you are using connected to your modem/router using a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection?     

If Yes, try testing with an Ethernet connection (network cable directly from your computer to the modem/router).

  • You can test that your internet connection is suitable to operate RMS Cloud by running the test facility at http://www.speedtest.net

Whilst the results are only an indicator it will give you a pretty good idea of the suitability of the connection.

  • You should also go to www.pingtest.net. Here you can test the quality of your internet connection. You may have issues running web based applications where your ping test receives a rating of less than a "C"
Q: Are you or your staff using other applications which use even small amounts of internet bandwidth? E.g. Bit Torrent programs, Music or Video streaming (internet radio, YouTube etc)?    

Q: Is the internet connection that you are using for RMS Cloud shared with the internet or Wi-Fi used by your guests?

If Yes, to increase the speed of your RMS application ensure that you distribute your internet connections separately within your property to maximize the available bandwidth for RMS.

Q: Is the internet connection that you are using for RMS Cloud shared with your Phone, Fax or EFTPOS?

If Yes, to increase the speed of your RMS application you could install a Line Splitter for your Router to ensure that the Phone/Fax will not cause issues with your internet line.

To assist us in investigating the issue for you to achieve a resolution in the fastest time frame please ensure that when you log your service request that you include the following information;


  1. Frequency of Speed Issues
  2. Time when Speed Issues occur within a day.

WinMTR Test Instructions

Packet loss testing between your systems and the RMS Cloud server.



Step 2 - Installation

You will get a .zip archive containing two folders WinMTR-32 and WinMTR-64.
Both contain two files: WinMTR.exe and README.TXT.
Just extract the WinMTR.exe for your platform (32 or 64 bit) and click to run it.

Step 3 - Usage

Start WinMTR

In the 'Host' field enter the following address cloudau.rms.com.au

Select the 'Start' button


Once the Sent Field in the top line reaches over 100 select the 'Export Text' button



Save this file as MTR Test DD.MM.YY HH.MM for reference e.g. 'MTR Test 04.04.13 16.45'.

Troubleshooting WinMTR

A. I type in the address and nothing happens

Usually this has to do with antivirus or firewall applications.  Stop all applications when doing debugging or when using WinMTR.


B. I get an error saying the program cannot be executed.

You are running the 64 bit version on a 32 bit platform.  Try the WinMTR.exe stored in the WinMTR_x32 folder.


Require Further Assistance?

If after using this document you would like to speak with one of our Support Team, Please log a service request through our Customer Service Page (see link below).




Please include any information and findings from this document in your service request to better help our Support Team assist you in this matter.

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