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Dwelling Labels


After completing this article you will be able to add additional fields to the Dwelling screen.

We recommend that you do not add any fields until you have seen all of the fields provided by the RMS system.


Getting There

From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Property Options from the list
Choose Labels from the sub list
Select the Dwelling Tab at the top of the screen

Adding Labels

10 Free Type fields.

To add your new field simply enter what you wish the name of the field to be against the appropriate field type, and then select Save/Exit.








Important Information

  • All fields used within this screen will be available on the Form Letter setup screens as merge fields.
  • Max Characters refers to the field that will be activated not the description of the field you are entering.

What's Next

To order you new field/s appropriately use the field maintenance screen.


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