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Accounting Labels


After completing this article you will be able to change the labels for accounting fields in RMS.


Getting There

From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Property Options from the list
Choose Labels from the sub list
Select the Accounting Tab at the top of the screen

Changing Labels

Account 1 & 2 Label - By default RMS names its reservation accounts General & Extras.  Account 1 is the account that the tariff will create within.


Additional Tariff Charge Labels - RMS contains fields for Adults, Children & Infants.  These labels allow you to charge for other items, this may be Pets for your property.  If a label is inserted into any of the 7 fields it will appear under the Additionals tab of your tariff tables, allowing you to charge for the item in question as part of your tariffs.


EFTPOS, Credit Card and Direct Credit field names are able to be changed from this screen.


Tax Label - Depending on your country will depend on what you refer as tax, E.g. Australian customers would change this field to GST.


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