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Introducing Channel Management


Channel Management in RMS9 allows you to link your property with a range of Travel Websites without the requirement of a third party channel manager.


RMS9 channel management in conjunction with the Tariff/Availability Chart allows you to control your front desk, your online booking button and your online booking agents from the one system!


RMS is your one stop shop for all of your online and in-house booking needs!


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Retail Channels Inc Booking.com, Expedia, Wotif etc

Information for each channel is provided at the top left of the screen explaining the information that is required to connect to that channel, 


Enter your Ref No., Login & Password, for the channel and click once on the 'Connect to retrieve Room Types' button. 


Once connection is complete a list of your Room Types setup with this channel will show in the left hand column.


Simply select the RMS Room Type and Rate Type you wish to apply to each.





Every Retail Website Room Type that comes back from the Channel you are connecting too MUST be linked to an RMS Room Type and Rate Type.

In the event that you have a Retail Website Room Type that you do not want RMS to update the Availability and Rates for you will need to tick the option NO UPDATES against that Retail Website Room Type.

Tariff Availability Chart

Control your Rates, Minimum Nights Stay and Availability from one screen!


To learn more about Channel Management CLICK HERE

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