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Why Move to RMS9?


RMS9 is now ready!

Moving to RMS9 could not be easier, and the added benefits of the below outlined features and enhancements makes it a wise move!


Easy to Access (No more 2X)

RMS9 does not require that you have 2x installed.


RMS9 is a web base application, therefore the only thing you need is an internet connection!

Easy Access to Help Resources

- Written files and videos

In the top right hand corner of all screens in RMS you will find the word Help, if you click once on Help a menu of knowledge base articles will appear that relate directly back to the screen you are using to help guide you through each step.


- Help menu

RMS9 contains a Help Menu that gives you direct access to;

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Knowledge Base
  • YouTube - RMSSoftware
  • Live Support
  • Log a Service Request
  • Remote Assistance
  • RMS Home Page
  • Facebook
  • Allow RMS Staff Access
  • RMS Release Notes

Higher Security Settings

- More security options to ensure only those employees who should be able to run a task can!

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