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Form Letter Conversion


When you first move into RMS9 you will need to follow these instructions to convert your form letters into the new and improved format.  It is as simple as clicking Save and Exit!


RMS9 form letter setup is similar does not use the V8 settings of selecting between MS Word and RMS Text 2 Editor.  RMS9 uses its own flavour of application for the setup of its form letters, which closely mimics the features of Word.  The option for whether to send your letters as a PDF attachment or not is still regarded.


In order to see your list of form letters when attempting to send out correspondence in RMS9 you will need to first follow the below steps to convert the letters into their new format.

Converting your Letters

From any screen in RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation bar

Select Correspondence from the Menu

Select Form Letters from the sub Menu


You will now see a list of each of the Form Letters you have setup in your system.


Edit each letter in turn, you can edit letters by either double clicking on the letter description or, click once on the letter description to highlight the row then select the edit button at the bottom of the screen.


Once the letter is open, select Save/Exit.  Your letter is now converted!


Repeat the above steps for each letter you had in your list.


You will note that on the search screen each letter has a unique ID number in the left hand column, when converting your letters you will note that the ID number for the letter will change once the letter has been saved and converted.

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