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Changes to reported Accommodation Revenue


We have made changes to the way that RMS9 reports on Accommodation Revenue, making projected revenue reporting more accurate for long term stay properties.


RMS9 will now look for a new flag set against G/L Acc Codes to know what charges should be included in Accommodation Revenue reporting!

G/L Acc Code Feature

A new check box has been added to the G/L Acc Code screen named 'Include in Accommodation Revenue for Reporting'.  If this option is selected all charges using that G/L Acc Code will be included in the accommodation revenue figures.


How does this benefit you?

By selecting the above option against G/L Acc Codes that you have for your long term repeat charge sundries RMS9 can calculate projected forcasts on rental as well as rates!


RMS has always been able to project accommodation revenue on rates as it uses the rate quoted against the reservations (see below).


Now using the check box on the G/L Acc Code RMS9 will calculate projected accommodation revenue on repeat charges.

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