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Setting Tariffs for Meters

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From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Meters from the list
Choose Specified Meter from the sub list


  1. Select the Tab for the Tariff you wish to set
  2. Select the Charge Style ‘Either KW or %’, Select the Description for the charge from the drop down list.
  3. Note: If you select a Charge Style of % the system will automatically choose the option for Daily allowance being 100%, you will then need to enter the KW @ x fields.
  4. Select a Description for the charges from the drop down list (This list is derived from the Sundry Charges list, if the description you are wanting cannot be found in this list you will first need to add a new Sundry Charge into your system)
  5. Click once on the CutOff 99999, this will activate the cell and allow you to enter a different CutOff figure, enter the Tariff for that range.
  6. Note: When you enter a new CutOff figure the system will automatically enter a new line making the start figure of this line 1 more than the previous CutOff.


What's Next

If you also wish to charge for additional elements including rebates or a flat fee please proceed to the related topic below named Adding Additional Charges to Meter Tariffs


Why use Meters
The RMS 9 Meters module calculates and charges guests' accounts with water, gas and electricity charges.  RMS complies with all State and Territory legislation relating to utilities charging.
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