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ReOrdering Meter Reading Lists


This article will take you through the steps on how to re-order your meter reading list in RMS9.


First Step - Accessing the Meter Reading screen

From any screen in RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation Bar
Select Meters from the list
Select the Meter list you wish to change from the sub list

(for this tutorial we will be using the Electricity Meters)

Second Step - Re-Ordering your Reading List

You will now be presented with the below screen which will allow you to re-order your Meter Reading list.


On the right of the screen you will find the Reading Sequence currently set.

To change this order click once on the site(area) you wish to move to highlight it

Then using the up and down arrows found on the far right move the site(area) to the new order.

Once you have finished re-ordering your list, select Save then Exit.



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