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Performing Meter Reads


This article will take you through the steps on how to perform your meter reads in RMS9.


First Step - Accessing the Process Meters screen

From any screen in RMS9

Select Utilities from the Navigation Bar
Select Meter Processing from the list
Select the Meter your wish to read from the sub list

(for this tutorial we will be using the Electricity Meters)

Second Step - Generating your Reading List

You will now be presented with the Filters screen which will then allow you to show your Meter Reading list.

View will default to Show In House, however you may wish to select either of the following options from the drop down list;

  • Show In House - System Default, only those areas who have an arrived reservation in them will appear on your reading list.
  • Show All Rooms - All areas regardless of having reservations arrived will appear.
  • Show Owner Rooms - Only areas which have an owner attached will appear.  In this case the meter charge will go to the owners adhoc account.

Date Range - By default the system will not use a date range filter, however if you wish to use this option, Check the box named 'Filter by Dates', then make your selection between the options;

  • Departure Date between - Where the departure date of the reservation within the area falls between.
  • Last Read Date between -  Where the last Meter Read Date for the area falls between.

You may also choose to only show specific Categories (left hand column) or Charge Types (right hand column).  All will be checked for both by default.

Once you have your filters set, click once on the button named 'Show Reading List'

To print your Meter Reading list, click once on the button named 'Print Reading list'

You will now see a preview of the list, click once on the print button in the top left of the screen.

The list created will be in the order you have set for your reads (SEE ACTIVATING METERS FOR AREAS FOR MORE INFORMATION)

A column for Current is provided on the list to allow you to write the readings on as you move around your property.

Third Step - Applying the read

Using the first and second step above to get back to your Reading List

Enter the new readings written on the Meter Reading list into the Current Read column of the screen.

Click into this cell for the first row, enter the read then use your down arrow on your keyboard to enter the next.  When you move off the cell the system will automatically calculate the amount to charge to the reservations account and display in the Amount column to the right.

Once all reads are entered click once on the 'process' button on the bottom right of the screen.

The below message will appear, if you are happy to proceed, click once on YES.

When all reads have been processed the below message will appear, click once on OK.

Your Meter Reading list will now update, all reads will be checked for Processed, the Current Read will default back to zero as will the Amount and the Previous read figures will be updated.

Charges are now applied to the reservation accounts.

Fourth Step - Printing Statements

Without leaving the Meter Reading list, click once on the button named 'Print Statement'

Statements will first preview on the screen, to print, click once on the print icon in the top left of the screen.



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