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Activating Meters for Areas

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From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Category/Areas from the list

Edit the Specific Category

Edit the specific Area

Choose the Meters Rate tab

Place a tick in the meter you wish to read

Enter the start reading

Select which Tariff you wish to charge for this Area – There are a maximum of 4 Tariffs that can be chosen from in the list, if all Areas are to be charged at the same rate simply assign Tariff 1 to all areas.

Choose Save/Exit

Repeat the above steps until all Areas required have Meters turned on.


What's Next

Now that you have activated the areas you wish to read meters for you will need to now enter the Meter tariffs required.  See the related topics below for Setting Tariffs for Meters.


Why use Meters
The RMS 9 Meters module calculates and charges guests' accounts with water, gas and electricity charges.  RMS complies with all State and Territory legislation relating to utilities charging.
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