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The grouping feature allows the following areas of RMS9 to be grouped together when displayed in a report or on a screen.

Area, Booking Source, Charge Type, Company, Contact (Phone Directory), Country, G/L Acc Code, Client Special Event, Category, Sundry, Task

Examples of what to use grouping for

Grouping Type Examples
Area Garden View
  Ocean View
Booking Source Publications
  Web Bookings
Company QLD Region
  VIC Region
Contact (Phone Directory) Corporate
Country Europe
  Middle East
G/L Acc Code Accommodation
  Spa Treatments
Client Special Event Anniversary
Charge Type Corporate Rates
  Online Rates
Category First Floor
  Ground Floor
Sundry Rentals
  Shop Items
Task Floor Staff
  Kitchen Staff

Watch this short movie on how to add Groupings

First Step

From any screen within RMS9

Select Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Lookup Tables from the list

Choose Groupings from the sub list

Select Add

Second Step

Select the item you wish to use the Heading for using the drop down arrow to the right of the field named 'Use Heading For:'

Enter the Heading you wish to use for this Grouping

Select Save/Next if you wish to add further groupings otherwise select Save/Exit when complete.


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