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Booking Source Contacts


Contact details of the person/s which you would correspond with in regards to this Booking Source can be added to the Booking Source record. Windows prevents use of special grammar symbols so commas, apostrophes, colons etc are to be avoided. It is best to keep to plain text.


First Step

From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Lookup Tables from the list
Choose Bkg Sources from the sub list
Click once on the Source you wish to add Contacts to
Click once on Edit

Second Step

Once the Edit screen has opened, click once on the Contacts TabBSourceContactTab.jpg

This screen will list all of the contacts that have been associated to the booking source. 

Their is no limit to the number of contacts that you may add therefore you may wish to add the accounts person, the manager, the technical help etc.







To add a contact into the Contacts Tab, click once on the Add buttonBSourceContactAdd.jpg

Enter all the relevant information about the contact

When complete choose Save/Next to add more contacts or Save/Exit to finish.

TIP: When adding contacts we suggest to ensure that you add the email address, as this will allow you to email correspondence to a booking source that is linked to a reservation in your system.



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