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Dashboard - Snapshot


The Dashboard - Snapshot is an excellent feature that allows you to quickly and easily see what is happening at your property at any given moment with Occupancy, Revenue and much more!

Important Notes

  • Categories marked as inactive will not be reported on
  • Only Accommodation categories will be reported on
  • Statistics must be set to YES for the Category/Areas to be counted
  • If no color is set against your booking sources we will randomly choose colors for them when reporting and place a note in the bottom right indicating to you that not all booking sources have a color set.
  • The four (4) dashboards at the top of the report will round the figures to the nearest dollar or percentage.
  • This report will balance to the Occupancy Report and the In/Out screen.

What are the benefits of the Snapshot?

When you use this feature, you gain the ability to quickly see Occupancy, Revenue, Booking Source, and Reservation Status information, shown in a series of gauges and graphs for fast checks and comparisons.

How are the Maximum figures Calculated?

The Maximum figures for the dials shown on the dashboard are calculated from your own property.

Your maximum RevPAR, RevPOR, Occupancy & Total Revenue for a given day are stored figures in your database this is done in two ways;

  • For RMS Cloud customers a service will run daily calculating all of these figures, if the figures calculated are higher than the current stored they will be updated to reflect the new figures.  If the figures calculated are less than the current stored the figures will not be changed.
  • For Self Hosted customers this service will run when you build the dashboard - snapshot.  Therefore to ensure that your best figures are reviewed and updated you will need to build the Dashboard Snapshot every day.

The figures stored are the best for a single day, if you choose to build the report for 7 days it will simply multiply the figures stored by 7.


Changing the Color Display of the Booking Chart
Build Options for the Dashboard - Snapshot
There are a set combination of build options for the Dashboard - Snapshot as shown in the screen shot below. You may also choose a specific property (if you are a multi property system), however this option will default to ALL. Before the Dashboard - Snapshot can be built for any day you must first set the options to which Categories (Room Types) you wish the report to use for its figures. Setting your Category Options Select the OPTIONS button on the bottom right of the Dashboard - Snapshot screen. The Category Setup screen will appear. Place a tick beside the categories you wish your dashboard - Snapshot to include when calculating its monetary and percentage figures. Once you have completed this select Apply/Exit. NOTE: Any category that has been marked inactive will not show in this list.               What are the build options? The date range chosen from the selection below will show at the top of the build report. The 'Today' button uses your local time zone, all other buttons work back or forward from this date/
Reading the Dashboard - Snapshot
This article will break down each element of the dashboard - snapshot, as to how the figures are calculated and which reports they can be balanced with.
Bkg Sources (Booking Sources)
The booking source is intended as a source of marketing data. Knowledge of the source of a reservation is useful when directing advertising, creating market analysis etc


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