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Creating a Shortcut Icon

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To create an Icon on your desktop for easy access into the RMS 9 application watch the following youtube movie or follow the below written steps;

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  1. Open your internet browser and in the address bar at the top of the screen enter www.rms.com.au
  2. Go to Login
  3. Select Login to RMS9
  4. Once the page opens, right click once on the screen where it is blank – you will receive a menu as shown below.  In this menu left click once on the option ‘Install RMSWeb Application onto this computer’.


  1. When the below screen is displayed you will need to;
  1. Un-tick Start Menu
  2. Tick Desktop

Then select ‘OK’




You will now have a new icon on your desktop which looks like the below.



When you double click on the above icon RMS 9 will open as shown below in full screen view and without having to type the address to the page.



What will happen to my Icon when Upgrades are pushed out?

  1. If an upgrade has been published for RMS 9, when you double click your icon the below message will appear.




  1. Once the system has completed downloading the new version you will receive the below message.




  1. Click ‘OK’ on the above message
  2. Close the RMS 9 screen with the cross in the top right corner, then double click the icon again to start using the new version.




The version number is displayed at the top of the screen to the left of your RMS Client No.

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