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Adding Triggered Correspondence Rules


This article will take you through the steps to adding Triggered Correspondence rules into your RMS9 system.

Triggered Correspondence can only be added through your RMS9 application and is only available to Cloud Customers.


This feature does ...

Getting to the Setup Screen

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Correspondence from the list

Choose Triggered Correspondence from the sub list

Adding/Editing a Triggered Correspondence Rule

Before setting up the rules for your Triggered Correspondence please ensure that you read through the article 'Triggered Correspondence' to ensure you are aware of which Triggers will work from RMS 8 and those that will only work from your RMS9 application.


First you must enter a Description

Select if you wish the correspondence to be sent out via SMS or Email
Note: You must have activated the SMS module to use the SMS option

Using the drop down field provided select the letter template that you wish to use.
Note: To setup templates please refer to the articles 'Email Templates' and 'SMS Templates'.  The list of templates that will show will filter on how you have chosen to send out your correspondence I.E. If you have chosen to email your correspondence only email templates will be shown in the list.

You must now apply the rules for sending your Correspondence, either at the 'Time Of' and action or 'X Period Before/After Action'.

Select who should receive this correspondence.  Multiple choices can be selected.  If you choose Secondary Clients, Company or Travel Agent, the reservation must have these elements present for the triggered correspondence to send.  You must also ensure that you have added an email address to each Company and Travel Agent.

We now move onto the Room Type tab at the top of the screen


Here you can select the specific Room Types that the Triggered Correspondence rule should be sent for.

By default all Room Types will show under the 'Access Allowed' column.  For those you do not wish to include click once on the description of the Room Type then select the < button to move it to the 'No Access list'.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, select Save/Exit.

Your rules will now start functioning automatically the next time the Action is completed.


Introducing Triggered Correspondence
Triggered Correspondence allows you to setup rules in your system which will automatically SMS or Email correspondence to your guests. Feature   Actions to fire Triggered Correspondence? There are currently six events that can trigger correspondence to be automatically emailed or sms'd to your guests, they are;   At the time of Confirmation If you use deposit settings in RMS, once the first deposit is paid the system will automatically change a reservations status to Confirmed, this could be used to trigger a confirmation letter to be sent to the guests, at the time of confirmation.   At the time of Cancellation Automatically send out a 'We're Sorry to Hear you Cancelled letter, 2 hours after cancellation.   At the time of Check In Send an Enjoy your Stay letter with local information and tourist sites, at the time of Check In.   At the time of Check Out Allowing you to automatically send a thank you letter or survey regarding their stay 2 days after departure! At the time of Reservation Made Send a Thank you for Booking with Us letter, at the time of saving a new reservation.   At the time of Guest Creation Send a Newsletter to your guests, at the time of saving a new guest record. X Period Before or After Arrival Allowing you to send check in information to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours prior to their arrival. X Period Before or After Departure Allowing to to send a survey to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours after their departure. X Period After Cancelled Allowing to to send a Sorry you couldn't Stay letter to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours after they cancel. X Period After Check In Allowing you to send property information to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours after they arrive. X Period After Check out Allowing to to send a survey to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours after they depart.   X Period After Confirmation Allowing to to send a confirmation letter to a reservation x Days/Weeks/Months/Hours after they confirm.   To learn how to add triggered correspondence rules into your system CLICK HERE
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