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SMS or Text Messaging has been enabled in RMS9 from version 9.1.407.0

How to activate the SMS feature

To activate SMS you will first need to complete the below Registration form;



Once you submit this form, your registration will be reviewed, activated and a notification will be emailed to you once complete.

An RMS Support Team Member will also contact you to assist with the setup and answer any queries you may have.  However once notification has been received you may start your setup outlined below immediately.

SMS settings for RMS9

Once you have received your notification before you can start creating and sending SMS from RMS you will need to ensure that you have the property mobile number set correctly.


To do this


From any screen in RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation bar

Select Property Options from the list

Select Property Information from the sub list


Edit each property in turn by double clicking on the entry.


Ensure you have entered a mobile number for the property record.  You will need to include the country code and omit the first 0 of the mobile number. 

For Example: For an Australian property: +61412111111

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