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Using the Reservation Search screen for Ultra Lite


This article will take you through how to use the Reservation Search screen in your RMS Ultra Lite system.


The reservation search screen allows you to quickly and easily locate a reservation in your system.

There are many elements which you can use to search for your reservations, including, RMS Reservation Number, Surname, Online Confirmation Number (for online bookings) etc.

Finding a Reservation

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Reservations on the Navigation bar

Choose Find Reservation from the list


Search On: A list of elements which you can choose from on how to search for a reservation.

Status: Each reservation in your system has a status, those that will effect Ultra Lite systems are Cancelled, Confirmed & UnConfirmed.

Options: These allow you to further refine your search to the dates the guest is staying.

Search Field: This is the field which you enter the information you are searching on E.g. Smith.

The results of your search will appear listed on the right hand side of the screen.

When you have located the reservation you wish to cancel left click once on the reservation number displayed in blue text in the first column.

NOTE: If only one match is found the system will automatically open the reservation screen for you.

Watch this short video on how

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