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Creating New Reservations for Ultra Lite


This article will take you through the steps on how to add a new reservation into your RMS Ultra Lite system.


To ensure that the availability that you show online remains correct, if you have taken a reservation over the phone, you will need to manually enter this into your RMS system.

Getting to the Booking Chart

There are two ways to access the Booking Chart


From any screen within RMS9UltraLiteBookingChartAccess1.jpg

Click once on Charts on the Navigation bar

Choose Booking Chart from the list







From any Screen within RMS9

Click once on the Booking Chart Icon found under the Navigation bar

Adding your Reservation

Once on the chart navigate to the Area / Arrival Date that you wish to make the reservation for (for information on navigating the chart see the article Moving through the Booking Chart)

When you have found the cell which corresponds to the Area and Arrival date of your reservation, left click once in the cell to receive the Option box shown below, then left click once on 'Quote/Add Reservation'.


You will now be taken to the Add Reservation screen shown below


The first four (4) fields in the guest details column are smart search fields.  These fields allow you to search for a guest that may have stayed with you before by using their Phone number, Email, Surname or Postcode OR you may even use a combination of these fields.

Once you start entering information into any of the four (4) fields the screen will change as per the below screen shot


Any multiple matches found will show on the right of the screen, and to select one of these matches simply double left click on the guests name.

However if a single exact match is found it will automatically populate the guest details column for you immediately.

If no match can be found you may manually enter the contact information for the guest into the fields provided.


Now that we have found our guest we will taken directly to the Arrival Departure calendars.


Select the Arrival Date from the left hand calander and the Departure Date from the right hand calander then choose OK.


Now that you have entered all of the relevant information select Save/Exit to create your reservation.

Watch this short video on how

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