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Building the Reservation List for Ultra Lite


For a specific date range the reservation list reports all reservations in the system.

You may sort or group this report by many different options including, category, surname, group name etc.

Other filters allow you to be more specific in your search E.G. You may choose a specific Category or Travel Agent to report on.

Why use the Reservation List

This report is typically used when you need to get a list of all reservations over a specific dates based on certain criteria for example you may want to know for the current week which reservations were made by an online agent as apposed to over the phone.  It can also be cused for tracking bookings for Housekeeping purposes, Forecasting future bookings or Exported for external marketing.

Building the Report

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Reports on the Navigation bar

Choose Daily from the list

Select Reservation List from the Sublist

Once you have chosen the criteria you wish to build your reservation list for select the build button on the bottom right corner of the screen.  The report will then render and display like the below

To print the report click once on the printer icon found in the top left of the screen (see below for example)

To close the reporting screen click once on exit in the bottom right corner.

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