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Configuring Ultra Lite Session 4


This session will show you how to link your RMS Ultra Lite system with an Online Agent of your choice.  Simply click once each title in turn to complete your RMSOnline Setup.

RMSOnline Booking Options

This area of the setup controls the information that shows on your online booking page including Property Information, Things To Do, Business Facilities, Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Adding Online Agents

This area will take you through the steps on how to add the Online Agents of your choice which will interface with your RMS Ultra Lite system.

Adding Default Allotments for all Online Agents

This area allows you to set one group of allotments which can then be assigned to all Online Agents, sharing your live availability to all.

This feature allows you to set your online system up quicker and also makes the Online Agents availability much easier to manage.

Adding Photos to Online Bookings from your Website

Select the photo's that you wish to upload to RMSOnline for both your Property and Categories (Room Types).

NOTE: This photo must be smaller than 250 KB and must be a file type of JPG or BMP.

NOTE: Each image is displayed on your RMSOnline Booking button in 130H x 190W pixels.

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