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Configuring Ultra Lite Session 3


This article will take you through the steps on how to add your Tariffs (Rates) into RMS, so that your RMS Ultra Lite system can automatically calculate your rates when making a reservation in RMS or Online.

Tariff/Availability Chart

Below we have provided short videos on each element required when adding a chart tariff.  This setup has been based on a rate sheet for Mexican Shores (CLICK HERE TO SEE A COPY OF THE RATE SHEET)

Tariff Types

Tariff Types are the first element that needs to be entered when adding tariffs into RMS.  Tariff Types are the description of the Tariff you are charging, For Example, Rack Rate, Corporate Rate, Online Special etc.

It is important to note that you do not require one for every category or tariff that you wish to enter.  One tariff type can be linked to many categories and tariffs.

The only time you will need to add a second tariff type into your RMS system is if you wish to run two seperate tariffs at the same time for the same category.

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Adding the Tariff

Chart Tariffs are where you link your period (seasons) to your tariff (being the amount to charge nightly).

Please ensure that before watching this video you print off a copy of the Mexican Shores Rate Sheet which can be found using the link just about Tariff Types.

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Minimum/Maximum Nights Explained

This short video will take you through how minimum nights work in RMS, we recommend that you watch this video before starting your tariff configuration.

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