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Adding Categories (Room Types) for Ultra Lite


This article will take you through the steps on how to add your Category/s into your RMS Ultra Lite system.


Your property is made up of many areas; you may call these rooms, apartments or sites.

Each of these areas is grouped into a category, which you may call Room, Apartment or Site Types.

A typical grouping for an apartment building may be One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments. 

For caravan parks it may be tent sites, permanent sites, powered and unpowered sites.

For Hotels and Motels it may be Studio, One Bedroom and Spa Rooms.

There is no right or wrong grouping; this is governed by how you advertise your categories to your guests.

Getting to the Setup Screen

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Categories/Areas from the list

Select Add at the bottom of the screen

Adding your Category (Room Type)

Enter a Short Description

Set a 'Max Occupants per area', this is the maximum number of people that you allow in the area

Select the G/L Acc Code 'Accommodation' using the drop down arrow provided to the right of the field

Once all three fields are completed select Save/Next to add further categories or Save/Exit when complete.

Watch this short video on how

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