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Property Information Tab Ultra Lite


This tab allows you to enter your property contact information as well as set dynamic pricing options, enter your google analytics code and set occupancy calculation options.

Getting There

From any screen in RMS9

Select Setup from the top Navigation bar

Select Property Options from the list

Select Property Information from the sublist

Double click on your properties name

Property Information

Your RMS Client number and Property Name will be entered by default and should be the property name which was entered onto your sales form. 

If this name requires changing you will need to contact the RMS Accounts department for actioning.

Property Code: This field should be left blank unless instructed by your Primary Support Person at RMS.

Mobile: If you have purchased our SMS (txtr) feature you will need to add in a mobile number in international format, this will be the reply mobile number for any SMS sent from RMS,

Email: This should be a generic email address as it will be used as the reply email on any correspondence emailed directly from RMS.

ABN: By default this field is for your companies Australian Business Number however under labels this can be changed to reflect the equivalent in other countries

InActive: This check box should only be chosen if the property within your database is no longer active. By marking the property InActive the Categories (Room Types) and Areas (Rooms) associated to this property will no longer be viewable on reports and on your charts.








Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing allows you to set rules within each of your tariffs (Rates) whcih will alter the amount to be changed depending on two levels:

  1. Occupancy
  2. Time

This option under property information allows you to choose how the occupancy is calculated. Individually for each category (room type) or across your entire property.  To learn more about Dynamic Pricing and how it works click HERE.

Other Options

Google Analytics Code: If you wish to use Google Analytics and have been provided with a code from google themselves you may enter the code here for activation with your online bookings.

Include Maintenance in Avail for Occupancy: By default if an area (room) is booked out for maintenance, it will not be included in the available room count.  If you wish for it to be counted you will need to tick this option.

Include Day Use in Used for Occupancy: By default day use reservations are not counted as a used room for the occupancy figures.  If you wish for it to be counted as used you will need to tick this option.

Notes: Any notes you wish to enter on the property itself.

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