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Steps to Going Live


This article is a guide to what steps will need to be performed both prior to and on your live day with RMS.


Your trainer will work through these steps with you as all steps may not apply depending on the system you have purchased and what modules you are using.

Steps to Going Live


Ensure all future reservations are saved into the system including those that will cross over the Live Date selected.  Once entered you can build the Reservation List to ensure all reservations are in the system.

Go to Reports > Daily > Reservation List.  Select a long date range to cover all reservations entered then build.


Ensure all future deposits are receipted into the system against the appropriate reservations.

It is important for your first live days balancing that all future deposits are already in your RMS system.

All deposits should be receipted using the receipt type of Direct Credit for easier balancing.


Ensure that your future deposits balance in RMS to your previous system; this is completed by printing off the Advance Deposits report in RMS, the credits shown on this report to balance to a similar report in your previous system.

Go to Reports > Accounting > Advance Deposits > Select a long Date Range, Choose Future Arrivals then build.


Long Term Rentals – Ensure all repeat charges are entered into RMS against the appropriate reservations.

To balance all rentals you can build the Inhouse Gest Balances report.

Go to Reports > Accounting > Inhouse Guest Balances.  Select Long Term Reservations Only then build.


If using Accounts Receivable with Companies and/or Travel Agents, ensure the starting balances (brought forward from previous system) are entered.


Ensure all purchased modules are installed and tested.

Live Day


Close off Deposit Slip if being used.

Go to Reports > Accounting > Deposit Slip.  Select Deposit Slip, tick Close Deposit Slip then build.

Select EFTPOS Summary, tick Close EFTPOS Banking Summary then build.


Turn on EOD if required.  Ensure client has EOD Guide from Knowledge Base, change according to clients preference.


Check In each reservation that crossed over your Live Date.



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