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Daily Procedures for Caravan Parks


This topic is a guide only to assist you in your daily procedures within your RMS system.

Daily Procedures

The following steps are the best practice recommendation by RMS to ensure that the smooth daily running of your business.

Daily Reporting

The following reports should be printed each morning;

1. Arrival List Reports > Daily
2. Departure List Reports > Daily
3. Housekeepers Reports > Daily


The following reports need to be printed daily;

5. Overdue Arrival List Reports > Daily
6. Overdue Departure List Reports > Daily
7. Cash Transactions Reports > Accounting

To build each report;

Choose Reports on the Upper Tool Bar

Select Daily or Accounting

Choose the report you require from the list above 

Reports 1 & 2 - Arrivals/Departures Lists

The Arrival and Departure Lists should be built using today's date.

Go to In/Out Icon shown here this is the third Icon on the top toolbar from the left.

Select the reservation you wish to see on the top left of the screen

  • Check In = Expected Arrivals
  • Check Out = Expected Departures

Click once on refresh at the bottom right of the screen.

You will be presented with a list of the reservations that match your search.

This will give you a screen view of your reservations checking in and checking out.  For a printable report, go to Reports > Daily and build for today's date.

You can check reservations In and Out, by ticking the reservation in question then clicking once on either the Check In or Check Out


Report 3 - Housekeepers Report

Build the Housekeepers report for today's date.

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > Housekeepers

You may choose to Group by No Grouping or Group by Task, try the options to see what suites your property.


Reports 4 & 5 - Overdue Arrivals/Departures Lists

Overdue Arrivals and Departures need to be maintained to ensure that no reservations are left in the system without being checked In or Out.

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > Overdue Arrival or Overdue Departure.

Use the following screen shots as a guide.


It is important that any reservations found on these reports are dealt with immediately either by No Showing, Cancelling or changing the Arrival date.

Report 6 - Cash Transactions

Build the Cash Transactions report for today's date.

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Cash Transactions

Using the default options as shown below, this should match your physical cash, credit cards, direct credits and cheques taken for today.

Daily Front Office Procedure

NOTE: RMS9 (cloud) user databases are backed up automatically by RMS.

  1. Every reservation that arrives MUST be Checked IN
  2. Every reservation that departs MUST be Checked OUT
  3. Once an area is cleaned, it must be marked as clean using the following guide
  4. Balance your cash drawn and Eftpos machine to Reports>Accounting>Cash Transactions
  1. End Of Day

Option 1. If using End Of Day accounting option you will need to refer to the Night Audit Procedure Guide located within the RMS Knowledge Base.

Go to www.rms.com.au > Support > Knowledge Base > Procedure Guides & Reports > Night Audit > Night Audit Procedure Guide.

Option 2. If RMS is rolling automatically at midnight > balance to the Cash Transaction Report at the end of your shift and prior to midnight.

 Daily Front Office Procedure 1 & 2 - Check In/Out

The IN/OUT Icon found on the Upper Tool Bar gives you quick access to all reservations which are arriving, departing or In-House.

Simply select Check In (Exp Arrivals), Check Out (Exp Departures) or Current (In House Guest) then click once on Refresh.

To edit any of the reservations listed click once on the reservation number that you wish to open from the list.  To be taken directly to the reservation account, click once on the account number.

Reservations can be checked In or Out directly from this screen using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

 Daily Front Office Procedures 3 - The Clean Screen

From the top tool bar select Housekeeping > Clean Screen

  1. Select the areas that have been cleaned by ticking the relevant boxes
  2. Click on the ‘Set To Clean’ button on the Lower Tool Bar
  3. When the Set To Clean message appears select Yes

All areas need to be set to clean before checking anyone into them.


 Electricity Readings

These can be completed Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly depending on your property.  Refer to the METERS help articles for more information.

Weekly Reports

Arr/Dep/StayOver Forecast

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > Arr/Dep/StayOver Forecast

Shows how many Arrivals, Departures and Stay Over you have for each day. Also a good report for guiding you when creating next week Staff rosters.

Overdue Deposit List

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > Overdue Deposit List (Sort By – Deposit Date & Group By – No Group).  If you are using the Second deposit option ensure that you tick to group by 1st/2nd deposit.

This report shows reservations which have not sent a deposit by their due date.

Maintenance Report

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Daily > Maintenance

Provides a list of areas that are currently out for maintenance.  Give copies of this report to Front Office, Housekeeping and Maintenance departments.

Daily Cash

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Daily Cash

This will show you the allocation of all receipts taken for the week.

Daily Charge

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Daily Charge

This will shows you the breakdown of charges posted for the week.

Monthly Reports

Debtors Ledger

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Debtors Ledger (Group by Company or Travel Agent)

This will shows you all your current Debits and Credits. It is important to ensure that all departed and cancelled bookings have a zero balance.  You may want to give a copy to your Accountant.

If using Statements

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > Statements (Choose - Specific Company- Choose the Company – Tick Preview Before printing- Print)

These Statements are used to issue bulk debtors to Companies or Travel Agents which shows all the reservations with outstanding accounts.

Cash and or Charge Report

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Management > Cash / Charge

These reports show all cash received and or charges raised against each GL Code. Good for TAX reporting. You may want to give a copy to your Accountant.

In house Guest Balances

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Accounting > In house Guest Balances

Reservations with an arrived status and shows the Paid to date and balance of their account either debit or credit. Great report for Long term Bookings account balances.

Occupancy Report

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Management > Occupancy

This report is used to look at the properties performance over a date range based on the occupancy level.  A Good report for Marketing.

Marketing Report

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Management > Marketing

Report shows the number of reservations from particular reservation type/business sectors over a period of time and can be used to track reservation type/business sectors performance.  A Good report for Marketing.

Quarterly Reports

ABS Report (Australian and New Zealand clients only)

Go to Reports (Upper Tool Bar) > Management > ABS

This report shows the Occupancy and Accommodation Revenue statistics as set out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


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