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Session 5


Welcome to Session Five (5) of Configuring your RMS system.  Most of the topics in this session are optional elements.

Each of the below topics can be setup at any time, therefore if you wish to skip over these elements and come back to set them up at a later date please proceed to Session 6.

RMS recommends that at a minimum you should complete the topics named User Security and Field Maintenance before moving forward to Session six (6).

Attributes (Optional)

Attributes can be applied to Categories, Areas or Dwellings to identify assets with particular characteristics.  For Example: Ocean view, Disabled access, Parking Available etc.

Selection of an attribute on the Booking Chart or Tariff/Availability Chart to search on will show only those assets with that attribute associated.

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Booking Sources (Optional)

Booking Sources are intended as a source of marketing data.  Knowledge of the source of a reservation is useful when directing advertising and creating market analysis.

There are a number of reports in RMS that will provide you with information on the revenue and occupancy by booking source.

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Res Types (Optional)

Reservation Types display as a field on the reservation screen.  They may be used to reflect the purpose of the reservations stay or identify types of reservations.  For Example: Corporate Clients, Fly Fishing Championships etc.

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Housekeeping (Only if you have selected to use Housekeeping)

The housekeeping feature in RMS can be used extensively or simply just to assign tasks to perform for housekeepers.  Housekeeping is made up of 6 elements all of which are optional except one (1), being Tasks.

If you have chosen not to use the housekeeping feature of RMS please proceed to our next topic - Travel Agents.


Travel Agents (Optional)

Not to be confused with Online Agents (See RMSOnline), Travel Agents can be added into your RMS system, which can then be associated to Clients and Reservations.  A Travel Agent can consolidate all accounts for associated reservations into one account (using A/R) or one statement.


Companies (Optional)

By adding companies into your RMS system you can then associate these companies with Clients and Reservations.  A company can consolidate all accounts for associated reservations into one account (using A/R) or one statement.


User Security

Setting this feature will allow you to govern where your staff can go within RMS and what they have access to.  Further to this you can also customize which fields a user can see when they are creating a client record or making a reservation.

Field Maintenance

This feature allows you to select the fields you wish to show on the Reservation, Client, RMSOnline, Event Reservation and Dwelling screens found in RMS.

Use of this feature will provide screens which show only the fields you require to see and the order in which you wish to see them.

Coming Soon!

Form Letters

By adding form letters into your RMS system you are then able to email and/or print correspondence for your clients.  Form Letters are a template letter where information that can change (for example: client name) can be inserted as a merge field, therefore, when this letter is sent it will merge all of the appropriate information for you.


Triggered Correspondence

Keeping in touch has never been easier.  Send text messages or emails automatically by setting triggers prior to or following an event such as Check in, Check out, make or save a booking.

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