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Session 3


This session will take you through how to add your Categories (Room Types) and Areas (Rooms).  In essence the bookable elements at your property.

Categories (Room Types)

Learn how to add your categories into your RMS system.  Categories group your areas together in RMS.  Examples of categories are;

Apartment Buildings may choose to add One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments as categories

Caravan Parks may choose to add Tent Sites, Permanent Sites, Powered and Unpowered Sites as categories

Motels & Hotels may choose to add Studio, One Bedroom and Spa Suites as categories

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Single Areas (Rooms)

Learn how to add your areas into your RMS system.  Areas are the physical bookable elements of your property, you may refer to them as Rooms, Sites or Apartments.

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Interconnecting Areas (Rooms)

Learn how to add interconnecting areas into your RMS system.  Interconnecting areas are added when two seperate areas (added above) have a lockable doorway between them or share a common entry.

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