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Replacing a Client on a Reservation

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This article will take you through the process to replace a client/guest record linked to a reservation.

This can occur whereby one person makes multiple reservations under their name, then sends you through details of each of the guests that will be checking in.


After completing this how-to you will have replaced a client record linked to a reservations in your RMS system.

First Step

From any screen in RMS9

Select Reservations from the Navigation bar

Select 'Find Reservation' from the list


Select to search on 'Surname Given' .

Enter the client surname in the search field provided in the bottom left of the screen and hit enter on your keyboard.

This will display all reservations that exist for this client. 


Edit the reservation in question by clicking once on the res number provided in the first column.

Then choose the Client/Guest tab at the top of the screen.


Select Add

Enter the surname and other smart search information you have of the client you wish to link to this reservatio.

If the client/guest has stayed with you previously their record will appear on the right of the screen, if it does select this record then select 'Allocate/Exit'.

If the client/guest has not stayed with you previously enter all of the information you have on this client/guest into the fields provided, then select 'Allocate/Exit'.


You will now have two client/guest records linked to the reservation.  Highlight the record that you no longer wish to have linked and select 'Remove'.


If you receive a message asking if you wish to decrement the No. of Adults, select Yes.


You have now removed the old client/guest record from this reservation and replaced it with the one that you wish to keep.

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