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Options on the Interactive Map


Interactive Map options allow you to change the colors that appear for Available, Booked & Attributes Matched!

Watch this short tutorial on how to change colors

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For written instructions see below.

First Step

From any screen within RMS9

Select the option Charts on the Navigation bar

Choose Interactive Map from the list

Click once on the Options button in the bottom right of the screen

Second Step

You will now be presented with the Interactive Map Options screen as shown below.

The RMS9 default colors are shown below, however to change the colors simply click once on the drop down arrow to the right of the color and select from the predefined list.

Once your colors have been chosen select Save/Exit.

NOTE: The Attributes Matched color is simply a color for an outline therefore ensure that the color you choose for this element is very different to both Available and Booked to ensure it stands out on the map.



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